Julian Demos
at 9.59.30 pm at 5.05.07 am at 5.31.16 am at 9.26.18 pm at 5.29.18 pm at 2.54.22 pm at 2.03.23 am at 11.21.14 am scan roland.munyard 2021-09-20-10-04-19 scan roland.munyard 2021-09-20-10-03-32 Treasure Chest is out now, (Friday, 11 December 2020) Added July 7, 2021 Early Image of TELEVISION MAN at 3.59.48 pm at 3.59.28 pm Graph 20210706 Julian Stokesauce Sam Jack Max Jules Ric on 11th May 2021 at 20.01.51 Julian Munyard at the Glasshouse Musos IMG 8748 at 07.24.07 at 06.48.52 at 10.35.06 at 10.25.16 at 16.35.01 at 16.24.10 at 10.22.03 am copy at 12.42.30 copy Jules at Grill'd Saturday 6th Feb 2021 Julian Munyard introducing a brand new EP: Talk In Pictures. Added February 6, 2021 Interview with Jess Lamb at ABC Radio Sunshine Coast Combining a distinctive sound and a one-of-a-kind creative approach, Australian artist Julian Munyard blurs the lines of indie rock, pop and other styles. Added January 24, 2021 Television was picked up by Tam Sainsbury and used in a Romantic Comedy called Perfect Messy Love which was filmed on the Sunshine Coast. Added January 10, 2021 Songs Written by Julian Munyard Added January 4, 2021 Okay - Julian Munyard | Shazam Added December 20, 2020 A video about my podcast Added December 20, 2020 Julian Munyard Harley Benton Title: One of my early promos of TELEVISION Added December 3, 2020 Julian Munyard Treasure Chest Sound Cloud Added October 29, 2020 Julian-Munyard-5 copy PM5544 with non-PAL signals
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